Mil1394 Products (AS5643)

DapUSA Inc. is the exclusive distributor of DapTechnology B.V. and is authorized to resell their entire product portfolio. DapUSA’s staff has undergone extensive DapTechnology product training and has worked with IEEE1394 and Mil1394 (AS5643) for over 20 years.  Our USA staff is well positioned to provide the highest level of support with regard to DapTechnology’s products, including technical integration questions, as well as IEEE 1394 & AS5643 technology advocacy.

In its capacity as DapTechnology’s exclusive distributor, DapUSA is authorized to discuss with customers & partners their requirements, product functionality, as well as propose product enhancements. Providing relevant feedback to DapTechnology B.V. will always be subject the information transfer regulations governed by applicable export control regulations. DapUSA’s staff has been trained on related requirements and processes.